How To Create An Ebook Online In 30 Seconds

Hi this video is about how to Make a stunning  ebook  in 30 seconds without even writing a word. Are you interested in attracting a greater audience? Do you want to create a beautiful  ebook , report or lead magnet from your existing content? Designrr is a software tool that allows you to create beautiful ebooks or reports from your blog posts, web pages without the nned to write any content. Stay tuned until the conclusion of its video while I indicate you how I convert a blog post into a beautiful  ebook  and also picture you 4 paths in which you can use this software to benefit your business. Here are the steps to create an  ebook  or free report from a blog post Here’s my blog post I am going to grab the URL I am going to open up designrr software You can see all my programmes I’ve already established I am going to click “create new project” I participate the URL in there Click next Now I am going to choose a template Click San Diego Name the project..YouTube video ideas for novices Click establish Ok here’s my  ebook  already formatted I can change some of the formatting I can select different this theme, another topic, here’s a darker topic I am going to select comprehensible I can change the portrait here so click on the image Click backgound I select a color, image or gradient Click image then click media manager I can select my own portrait from personal computers I can search for images I can do cover portraits or portrait URL so I am going to search for an image I like mountains so I am going to do mountains Click search Scouring for images from millions of portraits Here’s a person that might be thinking about suggestions on top of the mountain Here’s my title…I can change the color of the designation so I only click “text style” I can change it to pitch-black I can also change the background if I want to Click on background, make a coloring .. I can do blue I can expand the box a bit Here I’ve got my title ..might include a link to my blog post here so click on that .. be emphasised that Click associate button Put the link in there Click “go” Here’s my link I can’t see this very well so I am going to change the text color to something I can see so instead of blue I get pitch-black And if I want to remove something I can exactly click on that Click trash If I want to residence a call to action down the bottom Click elements Click call to action Drag it down there I can customize this Click trash Change the text there Add a call to action here..get video boot camp now at..

Put the link in there..highlight the link’s my connect Here’s my whole blog post that’s been converted to a  ebook  or report and it’s all correctly formatted with my call to action here at the bottom I can preview it Here’s my blog post that’s been converted into an  ebook  with all the correct formatting and I can write it.

Click publish Now it’s producing the PDF Here’s the PDF of my  ebook  all correctly formatted Here are 4 spaces designrr will benefit your business. 1. YouTube Videos – expand the reach of your audience by converting a transcript of your video content into a PDF file as a free report. You can then upload the PDF file to document sharing locates on the web. 2. Blog Posts – get new subscribers and sales by bundling various blog posts together into a beautiful  ebook  which you can use as a lead magnet to captivate new extends. 3. Bonuses -surprise purchasers by giving away an  ebook  as an unadvertised bonus when person buys a produce from you. 4. Autoresponders – help your  ebook  or report in follow-up emails. That’s it! Now you can create an  ebook  online in less than 30 seconds and 4 ways to use it to benefit your business.


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