Kindle vs paper books

– You might know this about me from earlier videos, but I desire a good Kindle. Peculiarly a new one. – What she means to say is that she likes spend money on gizmoes that clever market safaruss have reassured her she involves. – No, I just like buying high-quality items that I know I’m going to get a lot of value out of, like this new Kindle Oasis. – Wait, wasn’t the Kindle Oasis new in 2016? – No, this is the new-new Kindle Oasis, and it’s even better for reading notebooks. – You know what’s really good for speaking bibles? Books.( forceful music) – Amazon launched this Kindle Oasis last dusk, and it replaced the previous Kindle Oasis. – Ah, yeah, I remember now. That was the first Kindle Oasis, and it wasn’t waterproof. – Well, surprise! This one is finally waterproof.

It also cost 249 dollars, which is 50 dollars less than the original Oasis. – That’s still a lot of coin for a Kindle. – Let me guess. This is the part where you say, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle ever. – No, actually. I’ve turned a new needle. I’m off Twitter, I’m only checking Facebook once a day, and I’m reading real journals, real, article bibles. – Uh-huh. So, mostly, you’re trying to go back to living in 2008. – Sometimes I think that wouldn’t be such a frightful thing. – Now this new Kindle Oasis has the brightest, highest-resolution display of any Kindle. – And I bet you can scarcely see the difference. – No, I intend, this actually questions when you’re in a dark surrounding and you’re just trying to see what’s on the sheet. – Right, which is why I have this  book  lamp. Just clip it on and burn it up. – Okay, that is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen you do. Did you carry that here in your fastening purse? Yeah, okay. Likewise, this is square-shaped, and it’s weighted in such a way that it’s really easy to hold in one hand. – What does it matter that it’s square-shaped? – Okay, try holding that in one hand.

Comfortably. For long periods of time. – Okay, that’s probably one of the only things the Kindle is good for. – It has these page turn buttons now. – Who necessary buttons to turn a page? – And like other Kindles, it has a touchscreen, so you are able to really steer through assemblies by sounding on it, or you can even press on a word to get its definition. – So if you’re shiftles, or you like skipping part assemblies of journals, then that’s the commodity for you, is what you’re saying. – Too, it’s battery life is excellent. If you read for about a half hour per day, with the screen set to 40% of its maximum brightness, you should get about six weeks of battery life out of this. – You know how long this thing previous? Unless there’s a fervour, or a floodlight, or a nuclear affair? Forever.

It lasts forever, doesn’t need to be charged, you exactly pick it up, and you read it. – Speaking of fills, this is the first Kindle that’s waterproof. – Finally. I necessitate, Amazon made a virtual deputy that infiltrated everybody’s homes before it managed to make a waterproof Kindle. – Mm-hm. Yeah. So you can bring this in the bathtub, or the puddle, or even the atlantic provinces, and not were concerned that if you drop it in, you’re going to break it. If you drop that record in the bathtub, it’s ruined. – That’s not true. I imply, you’d have to totter it out a bit, and tell it air baked, and it’d possibly be somewhat wrinkled, but it’s intelligible. It’s totally fine.

It’s fine. – And this Kindle supports Audible, so you can pair it with Bluetooth headphones, and have your bibles read aloud to you. – Oh for( bleep) purpose, exactly get a tablet, then. Look, I know beings really like their Sparks, and they’re great for some things, but I only opt actual books. I dog-ear pages, you are familiar, and I love when you can see what somebody else is reading, and not only a leather-bound contraption. That time when you’re on the set, and you look across the aisle, and your eyes satisfy across the top of the page. – You sound like an unhinged Craigslist ad. – Okay, well, appear. Beings don’t collect Kindles. They compile volumes. They don’t buy Kindle disputes, they invest in bookcases. And when I’m done, I can share these bibles with all of your best friend, which is more than you can do, because of DRM.

– Yeah, but the same modern engineering has meant that I have access to all the same volumes that you do, but in seconds , not epoches. Likewise, when I go on vacation, my carry-on purse got a lot lighter than yours. – I don’t mind gradual shipping. I symbolize, with Amazon Prime, it’s usually more like a marry eras and these arrive. – Wait, so you’re telling all of your diaries off of Amazon? – No. I signify, some of them. A lot, the majority of them. – So we’re both really demonstrating all of our money to Amazon. – Did I mention that I only buy utilized works? – This one is waterproof. It’s own, it’s, fuck. Oops. – That was good. – I forgot what I was gonna say because I improvised.( male chuckles) – Should we do that over again? – Let’s do it one more time . .

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