Beautiful Ebooks with Vellum

In this video I’m going to talk about  ebook  formatting software that will help you establish the excellent  ebook  each time, in just a few minutes. If  ebook  formatting is a challenge for you, you may have already looked into paid solutions. If you’ve watched this channel for a while, you already “know what youre talking about” I feel about paying for  ebook  formatting. I believe that authors should do it themselves. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get help. Enter Vellum,  ebook  formatting software created by 180 g designed to originate the formatting process as frictionless as is practicable. According to the company’s website, “Vellum is designed from the ground up for eBooks, and its candour and ability make it usable by writers and small-scale publishers alike.

Its automatic typesetting and sophisticated record modes guarantee a great-looking eBook, and its instant preview removes the guesswork from eBook creation. Vellum simultaneously produces specialized eBook records for all major online collects, in addition to providing a Generic EPUB solution for smaller accumulations and aggregators.” Wow, that was an impressive description. That pretty much parts it up. Guess my work is done here. No , no, my work’s not done. We’re just getting started, so let me substantiate you how the software manipulates. OK, I am going to give you guys a quick expedition of the application, but firstly, I wanted to show you the Vellum website. You can get there by going to and the application is free-spoken, so you can download it for free, you merely have to pay where reference is time to export your enter. So, is moving forward and download it. It is a pretty big enter, but positions pretty quickly. Okay so here we are in Vellum and I have uploaded a few assemblies of my work Android Paradox just so I can play around with it and demonstrate you guys how it wreaks. But here is where we employed all our metadata and as “youre seeing”, it generates a delightful preview now on the other side.

If we sounds over here, you are able to put your cover in there. As long as your bible covering fulfils the standard requirements, you should not have any issues there. But, if you do, you will see a little forewarn observation here that include an indication that your report does not meet the requirements and “youre going to” upload a different one. So, that’s pretty cool.

We can also be used sounds over here on the left side to the vogues, and you can change your vogues for your different elements. So, if you crave a different header, you can do that. You can change what’s your first section looks a lot like, which I think is pretty awesome! You can provide the mode for your blocking excerpts. If you’ve photographs and you then you can also do some things with your organization, here as well. All pretty simple! So, if you pop over back to the left hand piloting of the programme, we have got our page aspects which I am sure you are familiar with.

We can add further element by going down now, to include a period, which will do it sequentially, and you can also contribute certain elements such as – say some chapter or character magnitude but too copyright sheets and all of the front matter and back matter that would be familiar with. For lesson, let’s take a look at our copyright page. This is just automatically generated by the system. Now what’s cool about Vellum is that you can actually revise these templates. This is system-generated but, you are able to reach modifications to it. So, for example if you were trying to framed the Call the action in now you could do that. So, here we are in the first assembly of my bible Android Paradox. I literally only emulated this over from Scrivener. But I wanted to show you some of the formatting ingredients because that is really what stirs this software reflect. So, I can tell we can forceful, we can italicize, underline, you are able to turn something into small caps which is really nice. You can do strikethrough, you can do superscript, subscript, so on and so forth. And some of the other cool things you can do–for example, let’s say you wanted to add an ornamental break.

So, there is a epoch lapse you are able to give that in there and I think that looks really neat over there in the preview. Let’s say we wanted to add an persona. Now I simply threw an image that was sitting on my desktop in there but see how it generates in the preview. I think that looks really good. and the neat thing about the image is that, if you click on them, it will tell you if the image is formatted accurately, or if is in the right size, for the  ebook  record. So that various kinds of makes off some of the guesswork out of it and you can select different kinds of epitomes as well in there and it will format accordingly.

But let me picture you something that is really cool, that I really liked about this software. So let’s talk about connections. For illustration, let’s say I wanted to make that segment of talk a tie-in, and wanted to send that to I am simply exploiting specimen, but that will turn that into a relation. So, when books click on that or sounds on that and that will make him to the author statu of the website, but here is something even jug. So, am in the back matter here, and am on the” Likewise by sheet by Michael La Ronn, and let’s feign these are my different volumes. So, what if I wanted to send them to a different retailer’s website is dependent on where that they are predicting the  book . So I wanted to send Amazon books to amazon, want to send Bronson novel readers to Bronson novel and so on and so forth. Well, Velum tells you do that very easily.

You have a little verse and then “youve selected” Store link and it mostly lets you choose a different kind of work, so let’s say Android Deception is Book 2 all you have do is to set the URL’s for each of the various retailers there and Vellum will automatically generate a different link for each version of the record that it exports. I thought that was really cool and genuinely inventive. So there are some other great things that you can do here in the formatting pane you can change your adjustment of a line, you can change something into a black quote, change something into a composition, for example, if you have a verse which I think is very slick, and then you can create the links which is something that I talked about, but the nice division about all of this is that as you can see as I was doing everything you met the changes in real day over here in the preview pane.

Now here is what is cool about the preview pane, is that you select different manoeuvres, so you envision the iPhone now but you can see too what it gazes on an iPad, you have got the kindle burn, you have got the kindle paper-white you have got the Kobo Glo, then Nook Simple Touch, and then the Android tablet. So, it makes a wide range of devices which is always supportive, and you can also adjust your text width, you can adjust the typefaces, you can see what it was like in sepia, you can see what it was like in a pitch-black background, so it gives you a lots of different functionality.

Vellum does have a share button, and only because I am super curious and I like to test everything when I am doing these application videos, here is what it looks like when you share it on Facebook. It precisely blurs the cros in the background and kind of gives you a kind of slick appearing image that you are able to share with your best friend. And eventually in the preview pane, if we wanted to switching between periods, you could do it as well by sounding these little arrows, it will make you back and forth and then you can access the table of contents or the NCX – this action. Now when you are ready to export your journal, you can click on the purchase icon on here which will bring you to – if you are not yet a customer different pricing options so you can do$ per journal, you can buy 10 volumes for $99 which get you a little of dismis or you can buy the Vellum unlimited licence which for $200 allows users to format as many ebooks as you want.

Now I cannot show you this because I am not going to go past this screen, but what Vellum will do after you have paid for a licence is generate epub and a mobi file for all the different retailers. So you are able to get a file for Amazon, you will get a file for Kobo, you will get a file for Apple, so on and so forth. They are all formatted specifically to each store’s guidelines.

So you know you are going to get a cleanse, good-looking  ebook  folder. Now I want to talk about this screen and the number one reason why I am recommending Vellum over other ebooks services, and that is once you have pay money your licence you own that licence forever. Now for example, let’s are of the view that you buy one licence for this particular work and you downloaded, you get your different  ebook  folders, you upload them to amazon and everywhere else and then the next day you will find the typo right. How many times does that happen. Well you do not have to pay Vellum again to export another document, another simulate of your journal with the edited copy. All you were supposed to do is just go back into the software and it will export it for you and you can really re-upload them again. I like this because if you were to pay an  ebook  formatter you would have to pay them likely each time “youre going to” make a change to your  ebook .

This keeps the power in your hands which is why I desire this segment of software and as columnists and business owners it is very important to retain as much limit over everything you can because you never know when you were supposed to make a change and I do not know about you but I do not want to fork up $10 $ 15 $ 30 $ 40 every time I need to make a simple change to one of my ebooks so I gait it yourself and I think that Vellum even though this might be a little bit price for you is well worth investment.

If you need help with formatting or if you merely don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing the undertaking yourself, then I wholeheartedly recommend Vellum. Not simply is its functionality excellent, you still retain control of your work, you don’t have to pay every time “youre going to” make a change, and it certainly does make it easy for you. There are downsides, but you may be okay with those compared to the time and cost-savings. If this is your first time check, I’d love to have you subscribe. Every week I do videos with plane, commerce, and business advice. I too submerge publishing industry bulletin that will help you originate your generator business, exchange more notebooks, and connect with books. I hope I can play a small its participation in future developments success because it’s time for you to get the author career that you deserve. So subscribe, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks for watching.


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