Book Cover Design Photoshop Tutorial

Hi Everyone .. welcome back& let’s get started !! so, in this video I’ll use this work to make a cover  book  you can see my previous effort how to handle the present working. Okey. create a new Document( Ctrl+ N) I’ll use Pixels for the length You can refer to the following settings to stir front blanket go to Canvas Size( Alt+ Ctrl+ C)& do the the following specific. replication the blanket merely drag it to the left I’ll rename it as Cover 1( for the figurehead) draw& drop the image onto our programme. Ctrl+ T to resize it.& excerpt it to layer below( treat 1) repeat persona( Ctrl+ J)& clip it to the top coating( flood 2) Ctrl+ T to resize it include a Solid Color( pitch-black) by 80% opacity I’ll lend a new Gradient to the background.

Now, compute a name textbook. you can use your favorite font wording. I’ll add Drop Shadow to the text. “creating another text” procreate the names of the Author below I will use a few examples of text to text stories on the back move& establish About the Author such as the following I’ll use my photo for the Author. Ctrl+ T to resize it. The following is only a sample text only. I’ll add the designation verse now Ctrl+ J to repetition the Title. Ctrl+ T& do the following. and final, sit your ISBN number on the back embrace time below Ctrl+ T to resize it. You can add some delightful rationales. This to be the basic technique. Thanks, have a nice day^ _^.

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