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– As a continuing part of the Self-Published Book Unboxing Series, I am going to compare two large-scale Print On Demand distribution scaffolds in Lulu and KDP Print. Stick around.( upbeat electronic music) Welcome to Self-Publishing with Dale, where you’ll learn to publish books that sell and build an unstoppable label. And as we continue to push forward in the Self-Published Book Unboxing Series, it’s my pleasure to demonstrate a analogy between KDP Print notebooks and books. As some of you were able to seen in my previous video of the  book  unboxing, I am very happy with their quality, and I’m very happy with the give hour. But before we get into this, I do have to address the fact that I have a few indie authors that are responsible for helping me out with this Self-Published Book Unboxing Series.

And it should be noted that the review of each one of these are on the products , not so much the contents or the manuscript in general. This only shows the Print on Demand distribution pulpit and not the authors. So let’s start this out with  book  by Jay Hamilton, and the bringing duration, again, much like in the previous time I’d mentioned, the information was lightning tight. It only took five days for this notebook to travel from warehouse to my doorstep. So I’m really super affected with Lulu’s ability to deliver my commodity to me in record duration. As far as shipping and treatment exits, we are really have this shipped in a bubble fold envelope again. Listen, tribes, I’m gonna scream this from the top of the mountains every single hour. Bubble fold envelopes for books is not a sufficient route to ship a notebook. If it was a utilized journal, it would be a different thing, but when I wanna get a new journal and keep it in mint condition, I crave it to be supported, and bubble cover envelopes don’t cut the mustard.

However, much like what I got from my last-place experience with Lulu, this still came in great shape. It wasn’t kicked around, it wasn’t bent, there was nothing outwardly incorrect with the  book  itself. As far as tone travels, again, Lulu nails it. I mean, the glossy extend is so cool, the lily-white interior is amazing, the publication is awesome, the slouse of the  book  seems awesome. Overall, I am overly impressed at this object with what Lulu delivers. They’re head and shoulders above what I’ve seen in other Print on Demand distribution pulpits. But what about KDP Print? This is where it gets concerning. I had two different authors send me their volumes from KDP Print, and both of them were about the same size at about six by nine, and both of them were ordered right about the same time.

But the experiences were a lot different. And we’re gonna compare Lulu and KDP Print in just a second. So we’re gonna liken first KDP Print versus KDP Print. So let’s start it out with a good friend of mine and fellow subscriber here on YouTube, Tony Jacobsen. And Tony transmitted me out his journal here from KDP Print. Here’s where it gets interesting. It took 16 eras for Amazon to ship this volume from their warehouse and for it to arrive on my doorstep, 16 days.

He didn’t do anything different than anybody else did with any of the other KDP Print orders. But for some reason, this took a long time to get at my home. What grants here, KDP? The next thing is, shipping and treating. Much like all the other ones, bubble wrapper envelopes doesn’t cut the mustard, but thankfully, Tony’s  book  arrived on my doorstep in mint precondition. Super happy with how it comes down, despite it taking so long. Last but not least, much like I had mentioned before, the qualifications of KDP Print notebooks is pretty good. Good, glossy encompass, the white-hot interior appears excellent, very super, super happy with how this journal “re coming out”. This is awesome, to say the least. So great work on this one, KDP Print. But there is another side of the coin here, and I had this discussion with the author himself, and this is a good friend of the channel, Mark Brown,’ make he actually transmitted me his volume, and it did get injury. And unfortunately, you may not be able to see this up open. The binding grew bent up here, there was a got a couple of pages “thats been” folded because it came in a bubble cover envelope, and it was pretty much manhandled in transit here.

But this is where it’s gonna blow you away. Mark is out in the U.K. He ordered this from the U.S. place to be delivered to me, and it got here, and the fastest of all of the reproduce orderings that was done in this Self-Published Book Unboxing Series, in four periods. That’s right, his journal got here quicker than anyone else’s. Is it possible that maybe a world class footballer kicked it all the way from the warehouse to here, and that’s why it got here in record time? I’m not sure, either way, it get here fast. But where they got it wrong was the packaging. And, you are familiar, I get this damaged volume, and I let Mark know, of course, and in most instances, if “youve been” get a volume or a make from Amazon that is less than what you expected, with it’s damaged, you must report it. Don’t simply post in my comments on a YouTube channel that you got a injury product and you’re unfortunate with their services.

I don’t control that. Amazon does, you need to immediately get ahold of them through where you are ordered it, be it through your Amazon KDP Dashboard or through, either way, get ahold of them, report injuries like this so they can build replacements for it. So as much as is the comparison leads between these two print scaffolds, I am really happy with the shipping of KDP Print when it comes to four days.

But this is the exception to the rule. And it seems like with the faster shipping, I sacrifice quality. But then again, it took a bit longer, and I got it in perfect influence. Nonetheless, if I’m gonna wait that long to get a good quality notebook, I might as well go ahead and shorten that time and go with, because they have a high quality, in my views, and they’ve got a good track record with me. I’ve yet to receive a injury make from them despite carrying in bubble wrapping envelopes. So I’m gonna have to give this one up. This is my opinion, I think that Lulu has the leg up over on KDP Print when it comes to delivery, shipping and manage, and character. What do you think? You anticipate is all that and a suitcase of chippings, or do you lean more in favor of KDP Print? I emphatically would love to hear from you.

But hey, the party is not over. Oh, yes, the Self-Published Book Unboxing Series continues on, so you’re gonna wanna make sure that you join me in the next video where we’re gonna be doing a three-way analogy of some of the Print on Demand distribution pulpits, so make sure you assemble me on over there . .

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