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Hey guys I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur.com and in today’s video I’m gonna teach you how to fight  ebook  pirates the pathetic side about today’s online busines is that every day a brand-new raider sounds up on the internet and makes your work from Amazon and puts it out there for free don’t believe me go ahead and go to Google type in your bible title and contribute the words free pdf and see how many of these sites are claiming to have your diary out there opening it away for free but here’s the real consider most of those scallywags are actually bullshit they don’t have your record and instead are trying to get parties to download malware now I know what you’re thinking you know take that for the person who’s going to try to get your volume for free right nonetheless though this is kind of an epidemic and we as columnists kind of have a little bit of a right to make sure to give him the old-time keyhole and obligate them saunter the board now below in the links I have an essay that shows you the step by step on how you can do this manually but we as generators shouldn’t be depleting our time dealing with these scallywags when there are some planneds out there that will take care of this for us and so in today’s video I’m going to show you exactly how you can use a service called blasty to be able to basically smashed the Plagiarist out of the internet for every time they come after your bible we’re gonna start by setting up an chronicle and then going through and yeah no joke bombing them off the internet with a sound of a button now the thing about Blasty is that it is this paid service a very affordable give services which are has two elevations the first degree allowed to be where you have to manually click to blast them which isn’t that large-scale of a deal actually that’s kind of what I wish the other is where you tell blast customers just go automatically knock them off the internet so if you like to see exactly how to do that let’s jump on my computer okay now that we’re on my computer we’re gonna test to see if there’s a pirated work we’re gonna call AJ Powers as as the ash descended and then we’re going to use blasty to basically kill off all these raiders so first we’re gonna say as the ash fell download for free let’s go ahead and participate what Google presents to us that’s Amazon so that’s okay that’s Amazon but interesting enough here’s a PDF of his  book  by this scurvy dog here now we could go through what I talked about in my section on how to kill this but that’s a lot of steps so let’s go ahead and go to blasty.co okay likewise to this is a paid services and I do have an affiliate tie-in if you decide that you want to do this you can go ahead and use that and I’ll have a coupon code for you to be able to use so make sure to verify that out in the description below or if you’re watching this from the Kindlepreneur.com article on eBook infringement you can find it there as well okay so I’m gonna go ahead and actually let’s go ahead to their plans and pricing they have a free one which is where they’ll alarm you to let you know they’re there but the basic proposal or full power program these are the two that really do something the basic propose will allow you to manually shelled so they’ll go ahead and find all of them and then you’re gonna picture a an portrait where you can then only start sounding and explosion them off the internet the full power project is where they’ll really do it automatically for you for me personally I kind of get a little personal atonement of clicking and blowing them out of the liquid so let’s go ahead and start smashing with that are currently I’m going to enter in my info what’s the specific activities creator or scribe of my original material because that’s who I am otherwise if you’re a publisher you are able to clink this alright done your content select the two categories which best describes your content it is a record because we’re again we’re using AJ influences I am NOT a robot and I understand that entering inaccurate or misleading information will lead to denial or expiration of my account because hey I don’t want to start blasting somebody’s legit creation that isn’t mine fortunately AJ supremacies gave me to be allowed to do this for his diary so that’s what I’m gonna do okay now that we’ve got an account I’m gonna go ahead and select we can either somebody I manually register one volume at a time or we are going to be able Amazon import all your bibles at once I’m gonna go ahead and click that and in this case we’ll want to go ahead and pull the information from his website okay now let’s go ahead we go to amazon.com if you do it automatically you basically give them access to go through your Amazon account and then be able to pull that so let’s go as the ash descended okay here’s AJ powers of this record again really inducing sure everybody knows I do have permission to be able to do this so I’m going to make the entitle of the  book  are going to the shell II mean you already stration of one bible title/ subtitle then we have one no we don’t claim of the series one quantity in the series this is number 1 it’ll be in English primary author given name AJ powers ok remark URL so this is going to be this is where a legal photocopy resides okay so in this case we’re going to take I recommend that we just take from the ASIN number okay copy this is this little numeral here it leads DP4/ and then it is I believe it’s ten off the top of my leader that’s like Amazon’s ISBN number their own they call it the ASIN number don’t remember with SIN is but A is for Amazon so this is the bear code all this other stuff is how you got there and I’ve got an article about that called Amazon link anatomy just type then Google click on it and check out what all this other gobbledygook peculiarly that QID number that’s a enjoyable one okay so I’m gonna go ahead and glue that in there alright I’m not gonna put in a thumbnail I assert under sanction of perjury that I in intellectual property rights proprietor or an authorized representative to act on behalf of the owner which I do have and I’m gonna go ahead and click Submit would you like to register more content now skip for now you’re almost done Dave check your inbox and strengthen your email address I’m gonna go do that right now okay so I hit the corroboration tie-in that was sent to my email address and now I really need to add the blastsy to Chrome I am exerting Chrome I’ll lend the propagation okay has been added and now let’s see declare official roots for your content intimate saying official informants for your material will help blast these monitoring work spend more term on potentially illegal beginnings so this is if AJ had a particular website where he was publishing you know his journals which that might be the case now fortunately this is manual so it’s not like they’re gonna automatically shut him down but you would want to put in your generator website here if you you know if you had another blog that you’re talking about some people have like their central website like I have Kindlepreneur.com but I likewise have Davechesson.com which is where I kind of just journal I approximate perhaps if I talked about my bible I’d want to situated that there as well if I had a publisher I’d put that there any law distributors Facebook page any of my other content but either way we’re just gonna go to fiat recap blasty basic time inexhaustible explodes so this is at this part I’ve said okay I put on all my report now I’m ready to proceed to payment okay so I entered in my charge card knowledge I thump pay to start blasting at which example now I can go ahead and go through the three constituents now the first is I’m gonna get alerted I’ll get advised when possible misappropriations are found on Google then at that point I can click on it and it will then take me to the alerts so I can become you know say whether or not it’s cool like now I don’t worry about that I didn’t talk about this one but yeah that’s cool or get them and in which speciman I can sounds the button and give them a thump for affixing my material on there and they’ll take care of it and then we won’t see it ever again on the Internet one of the cool things about blasty is it’s very fast at being able to find these opportunities now you can go and click on the  book  and look at some of the mentions that they don’t think are really bad but you know you can see them right then and there you can check google for where it shows up this is kind of a nifty aspect to identify areas where they are are talking about your bible but the ones that we want to look at we want to go to notifies there’s already 16 that Blasty has found that are probably really bad in this case and again they’re on and asked if I want to vehicle blast these but in such a case here they are and there’s such are claiming that they’re free okay this one says that this is a PDF download you know that’s bad again all of these are impressing as and these are illegal uses of his work we can go ahead and check each one for example say we’ll start with this top one that says download as the Ash fell PDF I can say motivations review and it’s sure enough here is AJ’s power download this isn’t a legal attempt to give away his record for free so I’m gonna detonation them off the liquid now before submitting this bang satisfy critique the explosion recommendations you can go ahead and do that if you’d like it says a responsible blast targets a web page which impinges upon your content were claims to was in violation of your content so this is a big thing I don’t need to check to verify that they’re actually giving away free of charge but they are claiming to do such so we’re good to go so let’s go ahead and say I have good faith notion that the use of the copyright information described previously and apply to all my future explodes if I want to be slothful about that but let’s go ahead and touched bang and congratulations this smash is being submitted pretty soon we will not be able to find this sheet on the internet so precisely to kind of give you that immediate understanding we can quickly go through all of these various ones and only blast them out of the spray by sounding review and reaching detonation and that path mr.

AJ abilities will no longer has already been of these crappy areas giving away his  book  now I departed onward and fast forwarded and I did that for the remaining 12 that it was alerting me to the other four were to other diaries so I did not blare them although I’m pretty sure that they were being pirated and it was illegal but it’s I don’t have permission to start shelling other people’s who knows right so the 12 right now are in progress I precisely would like to speak about this blow autobiography blast biography is stating that right now blasy is going through and registering all that DMC stuff DMCA stuff and all the other treats to basically beat him out and maybe a day or two I’ll come back and I’ll see what’s completed but likewise sometimes they may be rejected I disbelieve it because these are definitely pirate websites but this is one highway for the person or persons kind of greeting back if the issue is legit but what we’ll are presented in a pair eras is 12 less raiders on the internet exchanging mr.

AJ or excuse me giving away mr. AJ strengths as ebooks that’s pretty awesome in my diary pun somewhat intended so there you go blasty.co all right so there you have it it certainly only took me a couple of times duration is not merely be able to set it up but then blast the scallywags out of the irrigate I kind of like the word scallywag I’m not moving lie I might even use it for my kids today so many methods if you find yourself taking away prized day from your writing so as to deal with those okay I won’t say it cretins just go ahead and check out blasy make sure to sign up and have some fun as you go through and literally explode them out of the water I’m Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur.com hoping to help you fight in fighting eBook robbery with one speedy little step Cheers

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