How to Make 3D Ebook Cover | Ebook With Photoshop

Hello In this video tutorial I will show you how to create 3D E- book  Cover-up with Photoshop. For the following objectives I will use previously procreated seams and Photoshop Auctions dialogues. This is my front mantle. This is my side layer. Photoshop acts are now available here. I’ll use this one to develop the E- book  cover. If you haven’t abused Photoshop actions before, they are already originated templates whose actions are performed automatically.

Now let’s open the template. I will copy the front and surface layers into the e- book  sheathe template and will resize them to fit the boundaries of the template. We continue with step two – the interpret. Now you can see all the actions which are performed so we can get the final result- out 3d e- book  put-on. Now we just press the participate button and am looking forward to all actions are ready. This is our finished 3D e- book  shield. You can see the rounded areas, the back sheathe, the pages and the cool shadow below the e- book . Let me indicate you another 3D e- book  embrace template. I will reproduce the steps in the previous instance and will use the same strata to make it easier.

As you can see this template is different and have 3 parts- the spine, the cros and the inside plaster. I facsimile and glue the breast mantle into the template and resize it to fit the borders of the sections. It is important your seams to be on the surpas so you don’t see any textbook when provide. Our work is done and now we just have to render the template from the Photoshop Actions menu.

This template takes a little more time because there are more actions to be performed but the waiting is worthwhile. This is my favorite template. As “youre seeing” the e- book  envelop contains all little details which make it seem rather professional and cool. You can coalesce the blankets and transform the covering to change the angel and fit it to your needs if you want. Thank you for watching and expect my next tutorial- How to create 3D software casket with Photoshop . .

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