How to create an ebook for school and make it interactive

In this video, you’re going to learn how to create an eBook and how to make it interactive as well. You don’t just want a  book  behind glass, you want an  ebook  that engages your students. I’ll show you some handy  ebook  creation tools and show you how exactly to make one. Here we go: Create eBooks for free from a pdf, a Word Document or from a PowerPoint. These ways to make an eBook are great, but they have a few disadvantages as well. You can’t make them really interactive.

You can insert links, but that’s basically it. Another disadvantage is that you have to format your eBook completely yourself. You have to be very creative to make it visually appealing to your students. That requires a lot of extra work. I’ll put the link to extra resources about these options in the description below. There are two eBook creation tools that offer you much more options: Create an eBook with iBooks Author for Mac or Create one with Kotobee. Creating an eBook is in all cases basically the same. There are 5 basic steps you have to follow: Choose the right template for your  ebook  design. This will be your guideline throughout the complete eBook course. Create a compelling eBook cover. In education this is most of the time the title of your course and, if needed, a specific part of that course. Add text and media to your  book . Make it interactive as well. Add a table of contents. Preview your eBook course and publish your  ebook  when finished.

Be careful when publishing your  ebook  as a teacher. If you’re selling your eBook on Amazon or somewhere else, you have to make sure everything in it obeys by the rules of copyright! When you’ve create your  ebook  and added some texts, you probably want to make it more interactive. That’s where BookWidgets comes in. With Bookwidgets, you can choose between over 40 interactive exercise templates such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, flashcards, timelines, WebQuests and much more. BookWidgets offers you the template, and you adapt it with your own content. The exercises are generated in minutes, and are very intuitive and interactive for your students.

Download the widget you created with BookWidgets. Then drag and drop it into your iBook, and that’s it! When students read your iBook, they can instantly make the BookWidgets exercises you made for them. They can even submit their work for you to grade it and to give feedback. So, let me summarise this real quick: Create an interactive widget on Download your widget Drag and drop the widget into iBooks Author or import a popup widget in Kotobee.

I’ve put some extra info on how to use BookWidgets with iBooks Author below in the description. Hope this video helps you out. Make sure to give it a thumbs up or subscribe. Thanks! .

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