How To Design A Book Cover For Amazon | Kindle Publishing 2019

Book covers. Do  book  covers matter as much as people say they do? What’s the difference between a five dollar and a sixty dollar  book  cover and what is the best way to find the best cover designer at the best price? All that’s coming up on today’s video. Hey everybody Emeka comin atcha from the Blueprint Publishing Academy and in today’s video we are gonna talk all about  book  covers but before we do if you’re brand new to the channel please hit that subscribe button turn bell notifications on three things you’re gonna learn every single video how to increase your income so you can take back your freedom so you can design that ultimate lifestyle well it’s another publishing video today  book  covers so how important are your  book  covers let me walk you through the buying process that most people take before they purchase your  book  when you’re scrolling through Amazon the very first thing that people’s eyes go to is you guessed it the covers if that’s number one then that should tell you the importance of having a cover that’s gonna stand out that is key so yes  book  covers they do matter yes you want to focus on them um but what’s number two do you need to spend five or should you be spending something like forty or sixty dollars for a  book  cover is there really a difference five dollar covers are just that they’re five dollar covers they’re the common covers a lot of self publishers tend to use because back in the day five-dollar covers there was not a ton of competition on Amazon so they worked really well but its competition gets hopper and he shoes got bigger and you know a little bit more saturated if you will you have to stand out so going from a $5 to a $60 cover can be a phenomenal investment for ignore books it can help get your ROI a lot faster if most publishers are using $5 covers and let’s talk about that it’s $5 for the e- book  $5 for your paper back another 4/5 for your ACX so really it’s like a 15 to $20 cover depending on when you’re dealing with versus 60 from you know my boys over at the urban writers you know so that’s what a $40 difference or so alright 40 $45 difference for recovery this gonna be substantially better so if you start off with the $5 cover I guess you can always upgrade your cover later but think about your  book  if you’re spending you know four or five hundred dollars for your  book  what’s an extra $60 to invest in a really good professional color that’s gonna help your  book  pop a bit better and get a lot more sales do you really want to think about it like that I think the days of getting away with your five or your $20 cover cover package or we’re starting to leave those days behind and you really need to be a bit more strategic in your cover design now how do you pick a cover designer well what I’ll do is I’ll go to fiber and yes I still use fiber for my cover designers but one of the key things you want to do is you want to find the cover designers that are not finding cover designers are not lay lazy are gonna help ensure that you get a better cover that’s not gonna be a cookie cutter cover what I mean by lazy cover designers is well here on the screen you can see a couple that are some lazy cover designers they put the the title a picture and the author name for every single one of their books they’re using the same template and they just plug-and-play the information you want a cover designer that has a lot of and what I’ll do is I’ll throw a couple examples up there so you can see for yourself you want a cover designer that has a lot of different examples because then they’re tailoring their design to what you’re explaining so that’s one of the key things that I do when looking for cover designers now if you’re using a company like the urban writers you know they have professional coverages and ladders it’s gonna cost a little bit more upfront investment I believe it’s around $60 or so but you’re gonna get a cover that is gonna be so much nicer than some of the conversating and gonna be getting on the fiber and that’s really really gonna help pull in more sales for your buck so hey what are you using right now what are you spending right now for your covers let me know down in the comment section we love to connect with you make sure you smash the subscribe button and turn bell notifications on, til next time everybody I’m Emeka I’ll speak to you all soon.


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